Giving Tuesday

The show must go on! Help replace the stage curtains in Barry Gym. 

For the students and educators who use the stage on a daily basis, the Barry Gym stage curtains create many problems and challenges. Installed in the early 1990s, the curtains have finally reached a point of no return. The curtains are no longer able to be cleaned or repaired. Certain curtain panels' rigging no longer function to open or close them. The entire stage is difficult to keep clean from the dust that has collected and falls from above. Simply stated, they are tattered, torn and dirty.

We need your help to breathe life back into the stage with new curtains, not just for Hoban's theatre program, but for all the activities that use the Barry Gym stage. 

Over the past 25 years, those curtains have been the back drop for:

The stage is used for all-school Masses, student assemblies and performing arts productions.

What is included in the stage curtain replacement?

  • Replace the stage curtains including six side legs, four border curtains and rear traveler curtains, two protective curtains, front curtains and traveler curtains, and valance curtain
  • Replace the tracks and counterweight rigging
  • Install a new motorized electric projection screen
Bishop Perez celebrates Mass at Hoban