Dear Hoban Family,

We call Hoban a family because we are stronger together. Not since 1975, when the community rallied to keep the school open, have we had the need to demonstrate our collective strength. COVID-19 has saddled many families with significant financial challenges, forcing them to request immediate financial assistance. We at Hoban are doing what we can to help ease the burden on families while continuing to provide a superior education in the Holy Cross tradition. But we need your help in aiding those faced with having to choose between basic needs and a Hoban education.

Brian and Kathy Miller, parents of Scott Miller ’14, have spearheaded the newly established "Stronger Together Emergency Relief Fund" and offered to match all donations up to $25,000. Following their lead, Dave ’64 and Martha Showers, Jim ’77 and Diana McCool and several others have agreed to match every single dollar raised, up to $150,000.*

I recognize that many of you are facing similar challenges. If you do have the means to give, know that your gift will have a profound impact on the lives of our students. Moments like this remind us how much we all need one another. Let's unite the Hoban community and show what a difference a family can make. We are stronger together! Thank you for showing your love and support.

Let us hold fast to Christ's cross, our only hope!

Dr. Tom Curry

*All donations are 100 percent tax deductible and will be used exclusively to provide relief assistance to families impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Even if you do not itemize, the recently enacted CARES Act allows you to deduct up to $300 ($600 for married couples) of contributions made to a charitable organization such as Hoban.

Donate today

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation for the generous tuition relief that we have received from the Stronger Together Emergency Tuition Relief Fund. This will most certainly help us in these trying times. We are grateful that our daughter is part of the Hoban Family.

Gratitude and relief pour into my heart with all the support our Hoban community offers my family. Due to the generosity of donors throughout the years and more than ever this year with the "Stronger Together" fund, I have been able to secure a Catholic education surrounded by a community that cares.   As a single parent with limited income, even with two jobs, Hoban was out-of-reach, the COVID-19 pandemic created financial challenges that none of us could imagine. This year I had to make the decision to leave Hoban, yet with the generosity, I was able to reconsider.  Two of my children are graduates of Hoban and two more will attend this fall as a freshman and a junior due to the "Stronger Together" fund. The support offered is beyond appreciated by my family. Hoban is our home away from home, it is family.

Blessings and gratitude to you.

I just received my letter in the mail from the STRONGER TOGETHER Tuition Relief fund and I was blown away!  Thank you so much for thinking of my family and helping us during this crazy time.  

We truly love the Hoban family, and what it has provided for my children is nothing short of amazing.  

Thank you again for choosing our family to receive this assistance – we will continue to make Hoban proud in all we do.